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Hey River good job on the Tiger.  Panniers are real slick!

I will be in Red Deer the morning of the 25th with 4 other riders.  2 of them are picking up rentals at the Harley dealership.  Then the lot of us are heading out on Hwy 11, over the David Thompson hwy to Lake Louise and then further south to Cranbrook and Creston.  Time permitting that is....

3 day trip, quick and lots of saddle time but it will be fun.  If you ever make it to Edmonton send me a PM, we can meet up for coffee.

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Thanks Putts,
My bike is at Echo right now waiting to be repaired from an accident I was involved in. I fly back to work on the 26th, but thanks for the offer. I fly out of Edmonton, so I ould fit a coffee in one of these days.

have fun o your ride, I like that loop alot. We are going to scoot around BC in july for a couple of weeks, from the 23 to Aug 6, maybe see you out on the road 8)
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