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February 14, 2005, 12:57:15 PM on

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SHMBO and the sprog are having a break for half term. I went to visit them and thought I would take the tiger for a run.

The ÎCat and FiddleÌ is known as the most dangerous road in the UK. There is a large notice board showing 43 serious accidents over the last few years with 3 fatalities.

Today I was the only bike on it; the road up the west side was clear and dry with only melt water running over the road in certain place to worry about. At the top the owner of the pub greeted me with the words Ïyour mad you areÓ. I donÌt think that it was the temperature of 2 C but the gale force winds that he was commenting on.

The way down the east side was tricky, an inch or so of snow covered the road forcing me to tram line one of the ruts made by the cars. Half way down a Rover car balanced on the edge of a bank with a young police officer in attendance made me cross out of my little rut and the bike squirmed on the soft snow, he looked at me as if I was from another planet.

The rest of the journey was uneventful and after a round of crazy golf and a swim in the Îsubtropical paradiseÌ it was off home again.

Thank you Mr Gerblings non of my extremities fell off

Robbie and Mohan the original silver Tiger

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Credit to you and SILVER TIGERS  :lol: , other colours only go out in the mild weather  :mrgreen:  [-(  :lol:
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