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I’ve pinched a little ride report Ed posted up on the Distance Riders Australia forum and hacked it up a little. The plan was to ride the Barrie Way, Mackillops bridge road and the national park roads down from Bonang to Cann River. Planned arrival 1230 O’Clock (more on that later).

The Road Gods were smiling on us and the rain more or less lifted somewhere between cooma and Jindabyne - I love that section of road with the great rock outcrops and open scenery.

Our Lattes in Jindabyne took too long which resulted in much heckling when we eventually got to Cann River. but before then Russ and I headed down th Barry way and then down to Mackillops Bridge.  Stunning country if a little precarious. We are now labelled by the DRA crowd as the Hinkley Brothers, a parody of the Leyland Brothers, as show from Oz in the 70s about some misguided verbose adventurers. Just don't call us Ewan and Charlie!

The Mackillops Bridge rd is notorious for skatey gravel and unforgiving unfenced drop offs. The drop offs were still there but the road was pretty solid.

Ed had only seen the famous bridge from underneath once before, impressive from up top too

The best bit of the ride was the bush tracks we took between Bonang and Cann River, but as I said we were well behind time already so didn't stop for photos.

We got to Bonang virtually at the time we should have been at Cann River. Take the 170ks of tar or the 70ks of gravel. I am so glad we chose the gravel. A succession of beaut smooth corners with just enough loose stuff to back it in and drift out of plus gorgeous sub tropical forest views. Repeat for 70ks. Brilliant. Oh there may have been the occasional mudhole where bikes may have got off line and there may have been panic and wild flapping of arms and legs but we managed to stay on.

One of the things I love about Fat Arse Adventure Biking (FAAB) is that you can have a thoroughly Not Thinking of The Children Ride, all below 80km/hr. This was one of the best FAAB rides we have done to date.

Then we got there:

The ride home was conducted in stunning clear late afternoon sunshine and was beaut if uneventful.

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Nice,  like the Rangie logo, I have some spare in the garage  :sign13
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