Author Topic: 2005 Tiger 955i stepper motor help  (Read 24727 times)

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Nice to get something right though eh Chris??

For anyone that's interested, I looked at Chris's data with TuneECU and noticed that although it was the best running 955 I've looked at, the dwell interval on the middle coil was running a about 1.7msecs where the other two were about 1.67 -1.68.  The dwell interval is the time it takes the coil to recover from generating a spark so the middle one lagging behind the other two suggested that it was on it's way out.  A slow recovery means a weaker spark next firing etc... 

Good to know it made a difference. :thumbsup
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Sure is a result.  The last faulty coil I had was on my first big bike, an XS750 back in the early 80's and never had one go since, funny that the XS was a triple too!!!!!!
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