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April 20, 2005, 11:30:07 AM on

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Finally got to get the Steamer off road some this past weekend.  There's some learning curve happening as I get used to it...and I still have a big list of things I need to get done - but I couldn't wait any longer!

Some friends were going 4-wheeling, and since I'm currently rig-less I thought I'd see if I could grab a couple buddies with bikes and tag along for the start then ride ahead and scout some.  Didn't get that many pics because my digital camera broke the DAY BEFORE...argh.  So most pics were taken when we were with the Jeeps.

Please excuse the pics with GSs in them...just envision a '96 Tiger coming through the same spot and maybe that will help.

We watched the Jeeps go through the first water hole...UGH.  DEEP.  I took the right side which looked shallower.  And also hid a rock big enough to get me high centered.  Not a good start - first obstacle and I need help already.  I need more height!

Tim, doing the 'stuck Steamer dance':

The Beemers took the left (deeper) lane after seeing me get high centered:

Coming up the trail:

This water hole hit with some speed really showed me why the wind sucks so bad on the Steamer compared to the GS!  (pic taken about 1 second before that water continued up over the shield all over me..)

This area was a soupy MESS...we had just worked our way down a big rock-strewn hill praying we wouldn't have to try to go back up it, and we came on this:

We walked down to the bottom of the hill to make sure we could make it and while we were waiting the Jeeps caught up.

Preparing for the descent:

Winch time:

The only time I dropped it was just after coming out of this water hole:

I'm still on stock gearing and it's just not low enough.  It 'lugged' a little, stalled, and over it went on the right side.  The worst part was - I couldn't pick it up!  I'd read posts from people with 950s saying they're harder to pick up than a GS because without the jugs they lay down so flat...I thought they must be nuts.  Now I believe them!  Of course, I was happy not having those same jugs riding in all the ruts...

The JL bars and Acerbis handguards did their magic, though, and no damage.  I think maybe it flooded because I had some trouble starting it after...but once started everything seemed normal.

It was a fun first outing and I can't wait until I get more of the mods done.  I definitely need to put the bar risers on...I'm way too leaned over standing up on the pegs.  I also noticed that the p.o. lowered the bike - so I need to flip the chain adjusters and raise the forks.  And I definitely need more skid plate - my exhaust took a beating...

On the good side:

 - the Yosh cans ROCK!

 - the reduced weight allowed me to move the bike around the trail a lot better.  And there were a couple times when I had the rear tire in one rut and the front in another when the bike started over - I never would have been able to save the GS at that point but was able to lift the Steamer back up.

 - much improved traction over my GS.  I was so surprised by this, since I'm using TKCs just like on the Beemer.  But maybe the smaller size (130 vs 150) and the weight reduction helped it???  Not sure...this pic shows the smaller tread blocks of the 130, though... was an awesome first day out on the Steamer and I think after some more work it will be a great bike!
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Offline Dick Boyer

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Holy crap. You guys remind me of my old days in Eastern Canada riding enduros on much lighter bikes. Good report.

April 20, 2005, 02:25:46 PMReply #2 on

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Wow!  I thought I got into the mud last week.  Nice job--both with the riding and the report! :D

April 22, 2005, 08:15:23 PMReply #3 on

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Wow!  That's some friggin' mud alright!  Incredible pictures!