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When I got my bike it had a missing cover on the Aux Power connector.   I checked with Triumph and some other suppliers and  the price was around 40+  to 60+ dollars. That was just more than I wanted to spend. The part number from Triumph is T2505075. Amazon had what looked to me as an exact replacement for 19 dollars and at the time it came with free shipping. I did order it and it looks just like the original. The part is a Powerlet PSO-001. Installed it yesterday and does look like a exact replacement. I also ordered from ebay an adapter to use this port with US style cigarette style power connectors. The one I ordered was less than 10 dollars and was made by Bikemaster with PN TC-6662GA.

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I recently had the occasion to note that the wiring to mine had some oxidation.  I had recently fitted another Hella/Powerlet/DIN plug to my risers and picked up a straight rubber boot covering the back of the socket and pigtail for under $5.  Most sources have it under part # PMI-010.  I just ordered another to see if I can fit over the original plug on the frame.       
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Clean up and coat with some dielectric grease before you put the cover on, a cover can hold water and salt that might normally drain away or dry off and is a temptation to forget about it.
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A guy in CA is selling $6USD one similar but not exactly the same at:

search "powerlet" "HELLA" "DIN"

These are the same plugs that were used on VW's in the 60's and 70's here in the states.