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'thought I'd share some anecdotal info for the tribal knowledge database

We have a stable of older Vovlo's.  With the oldest wagon coming up on 300k miles, I sent the injectors off to be professionally cleaned and tested.  I generally keep a close tab on fresh petrol, adding stabilizer when it's going to sit for more than a few days, and add an injector supplement (SeaFoam, Techron, Lucas, etc- whatever's on sale) every few tank fulls for good measure.  Because of this ongoing attention, I didn't expect much change to performance.  I was wrong.  The already decent idle is now smooth as silk, acceleration is more "even" through the RPM band, and mileage improved 2MPG. 

Segue to Tiger content....

I was so impressed, I sent the tiger's in for the same service.  The difference is just as pronounced- smoother idle, less pop (although I enjoy that "feature" on my Girly) and some of the snatchy throttle is much improved on the 3-3.5k RPM band.  Wrist and butt dyno's  seem to be trying to convince me the 5th gear roll-on is a bit beefier, too.

I keep my girl well tuned, but she gets the miles.  I performed a TB sync in Oct, and again of course after installing the cleaned injectors, otherwise no other recent work done.

This particular servicer uses a UK-made system for ultrasonic cleaning and bench testing for electrical spec, spray & flow rate, and does  a"rebuild" with o-rings, grommets, filters & pintle caps as needed.  I would imagine other servicers' processes see similar results. Cost was under $60 shipped both ways for the 3 injectors.  YMMV, but worthwhile in my case.
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That's very interesting. We've always been under the assumption that Sea Foam or whatever does the job in terms of injector maintenance. With my Kia car they sell a proprietary 'injector cleaner' that you have to bung in every 12k or so, but they never say anything about the long term possibility that a proper injector strip and clean would be a good idea.
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