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hello all, just purchased a 2001 955i girly and am slowly going through the bike and ironing out any problems. it has the famous spewing coolant trouble which hopefully a new cap tomorrow will solve. the other issue i have is lumpy idling and cutouts when warm stopping at lights ect in particular. when i replaced vacuum pipes with silicone ones as suggested on here, cylinder one was connected to a blanked out `nipple` for some reason, can that be correct ? there are four inlet points starting with blanked out and so inlet 4 when all 3 pipes were connected is open !!!  that cant be right can it ? any advice greatly appreciated. thanks all Ade

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No wonder you got lumpy idling, no it aint right, nothing goes to the blanked off one as you thought.
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Same setup was used for 4 cylinders, so one nipple on the triples is unused.
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