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Cheers for the info gang - I'll check the wise words from the girly wisdom pages - so much on here! ;0) I understand the NEW Tiger 1050 is quite an improvement with its running but that's a WHOLE new thread/chapter/forum eh! I just love my 955i - as long as it loves me back though!

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Hmmm, very interesting reading this.

I think this may be the problem with my 955i having that rich / oily exhaust smell at idle ?? When I recently reverted back to the original Tiger map from the TOR map, and initially started the bike up, it smelled as it should.

The more I ride the bike, the more it goes back to that rich / oily smell ?? :^_^
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Ok. if the bike is trimming itself rich its because you have an air leak making the ECU think its lean and richening it up or the O2 sensor is fubar'd.

Places to look are throttle body pipework, throttle body gasket and exhaust downpipes upstream of the O2 sensor.

Also,make sure the IACV gasket seals to the airbox, the oil pipe to the airbox (if you have one) seals properly and the baro sonsor tube from the airbox to the ECU is sealed properly at the airbox.  You wouldn't think they matter but they do.
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