Author Topic: Long story, but Win 10 & Tune ECU Connection issues  (Read 866 times)

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October 20, 2016, 08:37:22 PM on

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I'll try to keep it short but interesting day yesterday, I'll reserve the puncture on the M50 fiasco for another thread. But eventually got to Chris C's in the back of a SOS Motorcycle wagon to have a go at his Tiger with Tune ECU. Ive been using my new Win 10 laptop with Tune ECU for a few months without any real problems. Connected to Chris's Tiger and downloaded a map no problem, but then tried to reconnect to do a TPS reset and nothing, just wouldnt connect, saw a few errors about not being able to open to com port, restarted laptop, changed com ports etc but nothing, just to make sure I hadnt done anything terminal to Chris' ECU tried to connect to my bike but same thing, eventually had to call it a day and head off back to Wales. Today I had a think and started to have a look through the event viewer on the laptop and there was definitely something pointing towards the laptop having a hissy fit around the time it stopped connecting. A bit drastic but I decided to reset the laptop to Factory settings and bang, all working again, not a 5 minute job, my laptop took 2 to 3 hours to reset, I also installed the drivers manually this time before connecting the cable which I didnt do the first time. Its still not totally stable, but seems to be usable and Ive ordered a new Cable from Triumph Twin Power to see if that makes any difference, so for any Win 10 owners a reset may be worth a try, just remember to back up all your stuff onto a stick or similar.

Oh and thanks to Chris and "The Boys", well one of them, for fixing me puncture, as  said,  a whole new story
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Too complicated to try and even explain the day :icon_rolleyes:.

But it came about because of recent I suffered the same experience as Bixxer did at a dealer some time back,I've been happy to have a map blown in by various dealers over the years and concentrated my efforts on suspension/wheels/brakes etc.

That has changed as my recent visit turned into a cockup and it's time to get my learning hat on restricted by the old dog new tricks syndrome :icon_redface:.

While the XR that I have will just about blow the doors of anything else it comes up against my 955 is part of the family furniture and it's the least I owe it to keep it running the way it has always done and as so many of us know on here behind the scenes there's a lot of help.

Oh and I thought my 955 ran well(ish)untill I heard Tims :icon_biggrin: