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I don't know if its just me, but I find the steamer throttle too snatchy, making it difficult to smoothly roll on the power, for example when coming out of a bend or in slow traffic - It was the same on my other steamer too.
I came across this:
nice, but a bit pricey for a tight-wad like me, so I looked at a spare throttle tube I had and decided to try the poor mans way.
I used a hack saw blade & a dremel to cut a groove about 1/3 of the way around, starting deep at the nipple end  (but obviously not too
deep as to break through or weaken the tube, (I left about 1.5 mm) and gradually becoming more shallow to bring it back to the original level, I used a flat warding or needle file to smooth it out.  This gives the slower radius needed to smooth out the lower rev range making it feel less 'on/off'.
 Its almost completely eliminated the snatch, and its a great improvement, making it a hell of a lot smoother now.
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