Author Topic: Tiger 955i Brake Peddle Mod Revisited  (Read 440 times)

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I know this topic has already been covered a while back, but wanted to show my cheap and painless mod, but couldn't find how to add pictures to original thread. It's not purrfect but is cheap and works.

Basically the original lever was cut down about an inch, then a hole drilled for the peddle, this was so my little feet could reach without taking my foot off the foot peg, However I found that this left me with a contact patch of around 15mm and my foot kept slipping of the end when braking. This was rectified with a longer bolt M6 I think and a 10mm off cut of alloy rod drilled out.

Hopefully I have attached two pics one of the before and one for the after. The mod took around an hour and cost approx. £0.65 for the M6 bolt.