Author Topic: Tune ECU - advice on TPS, Idle fuel, Long term fuel trim, IACV please.  (Read 1514 times)

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Although I've read up a bit on Tune ECU, I wonder if anyone can give me some advice on resetting the TPS, idle fuel, long term fuel trim and IACV please ??

I tried to do a TPS the other day on my 2006 955i with a Sagem ECU, I couldn't get the green light to come on. I'm assuming that the light never comes on ?? I also only got 77% throttle when wide open. This ok ??

Would I be able to get rid of some of my rich / oily smell from the exhaust if I changed the values on my IACV, which I'm assuming is the same as my idle fuel ??

How does changing the long term fuel trim affect the bike ??

I'm going to change the map back from the TOR map to the standard map, to see if my very poor fuel economy improves. I'm down to 37mpg  :icon_frown:

Edit: Put the OEM (10172) map back on the bike today and as soon as I started the bike, the rich / oily exhaust fumes were gone ?? Wonder if it's got something to do with the idle fuel trim ??

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