Author Topic: TuneEcu timeout issue solved (sort of).  (Read 763 times)

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May 23, 2017, 08:00:21 PM on

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I had been trying TuneEcu for some time with no joy, until I took a tip from somewhere on the internet (may have been here I can't remember).

Basically I had windows 7 and a nice new Lonelec cable, and could connect to clear fault codes, but not to read my ECU. Every time I tried (and lord knows I tried...dozens of times with different drivers and settings) it would timeout at varying percentages. It even got to 80% once just to give me false hope..

So I tried upgrading to Windows 10 and I tried different drivers, settings, services stopped, etc etc. It still timed out.

Then the tip I found suddenly came back to me, which was to use an old laptop with XP and strip the software back as much as possible... which I did. Took 3 hours of my time, I then plugged it into the Tiger, clicked the button and prayed...and it worked..!!

I then read the ECU again to make sure it was not a fluke, and finally put the 10172 tune on (standard exhaust) and it worked, and the bike works too!

Finally after many many attempts with Windows 7 & Windows 10, it took an old XP laptop to save the day. Worth a go for anyone struggling..  :thumbsup