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Hi everyone,  Can anyone think of a reason why fitting a voltmeter to my Girly would mess the tickover up, i fitted a digital voltmeter & took the power from the horn & also earthed it to the horn mount ! Worked ok at 1st, then later that night i'm sure i felt it miss a beat twice ! The following morning i started her up & she didn't rev high as usual just ticked over very low for a few seconds then cut out ! this continued for about half an hour stalling at every junction. so i stopped and pulled the wires off to see if it was that but it seemed no different until i restarted it and it seemed back to normal  ! Just  been out & started her again & all is well ! I will wait a few hours for her to cool & connect the voltmeter again & see what happens ! I also dropped the oil & changed the filter too at the same time ! has any of you electric wizzards any ideas ????