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That's some great pics.

Furthest north I've been on my bike is probably Liverpool & that's when i picked it up although I've been up to the Arctic circle in Finland a few years ago by plane
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Very nice. How many miles/Km between fuel stops? Do you have to take a beacon as on the Labrador road to Churchill Falls?
It\'s ok , this will only take 5 minutes.
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Very nice. How many miles/Km between fuel stops? Do you have to take a beacon as on the Labrador road to Churchill Falls?

Fuel during the summer tourist season is not a problem I think the longest distance I saw sign posted was around 200Kms the distances get greater the further North you go I think a 400Km range will get you between most of the remote fuel stops.  If there was a fuel stop and we were half a tank or less we would always fill up just in case.  My friend in Whitehorse told us one year he was driving South during the winter and planned on fuel at a specific small town on the route he got there later than planned the only gas station had closed for the night and didn't reopen until 8:00am so he had to get a motel and stay the night even though this wasn't in the plan.  Next morning there's a few vehicles waiting at 8:00 for fuel and the attendant slept in and didn't show up until almost 9:00am.

Not sure what you mean by beacon, Spot or Inreach GPS device ?  If so no there is no requirement to carry one although it would be prudent on some of the isolated routes up North.
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I've been to the top of Denmark but that's about it. I'd like to go to the Arctic circle one day.
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I always try to get to the furthest northerly place where ever I am in the world to celebrate the summer solstice. It's usually just the top of Scotland, Orkney or Shetland, which in itself are beautiful places.

I've been to Nordcapp a couple of times. Once on the bike, once in the car. It is a fantastic place to get to. The trip from the bottom of Norway to the top is just one long beautifully stunning adventure. And to witness the midnight sun is something special to behold. It feels soooo remote, there's little traffic, the scenery is great, the roads are fantastic.

If you haven't've got to go at least once  :icon_wink:
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