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Now that Ashton was used to the bike thing, we decided to go on 2 camp outs on the GS in two weeks.  First trip was back up to the Laramie River area where my family meets every year.

Berthod Pass

Between Gould & Rand

We stayed at Tunnel campground.  Its North of Chambers lake about 8 miles North of Highway 14.  On Saturday we went up Deadmans to the fire lookout.

Pretty flowers along the way.

Deadman's Lookout

Emmett was up there getting ready to go up the tower since there was a fire to the SE.  He is a volunteer for the Forest Service.  He loved showing us around as that was quite a treat.

The tower is 55 feet high.  With the wind gusts that day, it felt like 550 feet!

Inside was sealed from the elements and was equiped with communications and weather devices as well as bed for the watchman to rest at.

Ashton checking out the view from the tower.

He was worried it would blow down while we were there. Its been standing as long as I have so I told him it wasnt going to fall anytime soon.

We proceeded down the east side of Deadman's only to be greeted by a Larimer County Sheriff.

We were only about 5 miles from Red Feathers as we needed gas.  The cop told us we had to go the long way around which was about 50 miles because of the fire.  We tried a couple short cuts on some rough forest roads but we couldn't find a way.  So, the morning ride turned into an all day event.  I kept the kid happy with a BigDave Boxer Quesadilla and he was happy.

On Sunday we went our our traditional hike as a family as all the cousins like to hang out in the woods together.

After we packed up on Sunday, I wanted to take Ashton to "Mama's Hill."  I call it that because it has been a very special place for my Wife and myself all these years.  She cannot come up to this area anymore because of the altitude.  In August especially, this hill is full of flowers.  As you can see, they have gotten off to a good start.

For you Mama.

On the way back we got to see one moose in the valley.

On the way down the Poudre, the little guy was getting tired.  We stopped at this little spot to put our feet in the water and relax for a while.

So by the time we made it to Ft Collins, the storms had surrounded us and it was getting late.  I sprung for a Hotel with a pool and that proved to be a nice add-on for Ashton since he was such a good sport hanging with me for all 700 miles in 3 days.  Did you have fun buddy?

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WOW! 700 miles!! What a great adventure!

You have quite the little adventurer... What a trooper! Good for you guys! :D/

Do you have an intercom so you can talk to him while you ride? I didn't notice any whires sticking out of the helmets.
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Thanks for the write up and pics, BigDave!

I can't wait until my son can start riding with me...and to get him his own little dirtbike.  I asked him the other day what color he wanted.  'Ummm, I want an orange puppa'.  I KNEW he wasn't my kid!   :lol:

How old was Ashton when he started riding with you?
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Where's the Tiger?
Happy trails to you

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Quote from: "spanky"
Where's the Tiger?

It went back to its cage 20,000 miles ago. :wink:   You can take your Tiger on most of my rides if you want.  :D