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August 22, 2005, 04:02:30 AM on

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Just finished my first group ride today...  It was a short ~60 miles to raise money for a local children's hospital.  I didn't know this, the hospital treats the kids no matter what.  The finance the treatment of kids whose family cannot afford insurance, or have exhausted their insurance, through private donations..  Very cool excuse to go ride..  

It was a Poker Run with 3 stops..  Most of the ride I was in a pack of about 50 Harleys..  I would guess about 1200 riders were there.  About 30 of them were not "Harley type" cruisers.  Far as I know, I had the only Tiger!  

Everyone was super cool, several people came up to make us feel welcome even if we were not on a Harley :)  

Finished the day off with a BBQ and a show from a motorcycle stunt team.  Really cool stunts pulled by these guys on UNEVEN GRASS!!  I felt super bad for the performers, they toppled the pyramid after successfully completing a 180 degree turn in UNEVEN GRASS!!   Poor guys, probably will be kicking themselves for a long time..  Luckily everyone walked/limped away, so no major injuries..  

If you haven't even had a large group ride, you gotta try it.  

Next one for us will be throught some of the more famous canyons in So. Cal.   It is a fully escorted ride, I understand that means they will actually stop traffic at all the intersections, etc.. for this ride..  Sounds like fun to me!!

I am going to have a couple of "Odd Ball" t-shirts made for me and the wife.  If I am going to be the odd-ball, I might as well go with it!