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This mess all started here...

Basically, I wanted to make an opportunity for us to push the envelope a bit and in the comfort and security of others, tackle some moderate to difficult 4WD passes in Colorado before the snaow hits. So I put it out there for the "Big Trailies" and although we had a variety of twins on this ride, we also had many guys on singles that wanted to enjoy the sights as well.  We ended up with a group of 15 to start out the day.

There was much banter and silliness in the thread the organized the ride.  I was trying to draw out the big twins and then the thumpers showed up.  Then some of the guys that have big bikes wanted to come but they were going to bring their thumpers instead. Infracaninophile actually brought his WIFE'S F650GS instead of his 1150!

So needless to say, the thread went sideways with me giving all the thumpers crap and I told them they were going to have to wear pink armbands on the ride so us on the "real mens bikes" could watch out for them.  After all that I can't believe any of them want to still come, but they did anyway and I am glad they did because anyone that came out for this ride really got to do something special.

Of course Esteban decided to come and instead of just taking his pink armband and wearing it with pride, he showed up in his pink tu-tu that he actually rode over Mosquito in.

As much joking around goes on on this website, I really do like Esteban.  Hes a great guy.

So we met in Fairlpay at the Brown Burro.  I got to sneak out (after a quick hand off from Yellow Pig) and decorate the thumpers with pink marker tape.  We figured we'd better mark the bikes rather than the rider.

First order of business was Weston Pass.

Here is homerj before he bit it & poked a hole in his valve cover.  That was the worse of the carnage that day.  The several helped him with a JB Weld project while others waited.  All I care about is that he is OK. Bruised up a bit, but OK.

So one pass down, three to go.

On top of Weston I took inventory.

There were real men's bikes...

And there were KLR's with pink ribbons...

And there were pink tu-tu's on KLR's...



cRAsH making it to the top.

leadvegas was happy to make the summit

k100lt came all the way up from New Mexico just for this ride.  Not only did he ride back & forth from New Mexico in one day, he did 300 miles of pretty damn tough DS riding for heading back. Now thats a serious rider!

I gave Deano955 a bunch of crap about leaving his tiger at home and bringing the KLR, but in the end, it was probably wise. (before you guys rip me a new one, let me state for the record that Deano955 has no bash plate, no crash bars etc...)

More top of Mosquito pictures.

Time for the trip down Mosquito Pass.

Part of our group waited here to make sure everyone got through the real steep/loose/rocky sections.

If you fall of to the left, you end up in Neverland.

cRAsH & Yellow Pig

Everyone was happy to make it to the bottom in one piece.

So far so good.  

Next up, Georgia Pass

After Mosquito, the North side of Georgia was like coming up a highway.

We had hints that it might rain all day, but we never had more than a few sprinkles.

Ms. Chiff was our lone female on this ride and she was a welcome addition to us bunch of animals.  She really knows how to ridee that DRZ!

At Georgia, Esteban and three other did a connecting trail to Webster pass while the rest of us went around Dillon Resevoir to get to the start of Webster.  One more to go, lets hit it!

We thought leadvegas was out but he caught up to us on Webster.  Sorry about that Tony!

The sights from Webster are amazing.

So we made it to the top and Yellow Pig decides to throw his GS down on the ground.

What a great time to be on Webster with the sun starting to go down.

After Esteban and his crew met us on top of Webster, it was time for the long rough haul down the North side of the pass.

Going down the pass in the dark was amazing.  We all made it just fine and went our separate ways to go home.  15 hours, 330 miles, 4 Colorado 4WD passes and the company of 14 others who I'd do the same with anyday.  Thank you everyone for such a great day!!

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Great report.  More please!
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Nice!! Keep those stories and pictures coming. Since my country is as flat as pool-table I like to see/read your stories and envy.

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Quote from: "BigDave"

Going down the pass in the dark was amazing.  We all made it just fine and went our separate ways to go home.  15 hours, 330 miles, 4 Colorado 4WD passes and the company of 14 others who I'd do the same with anyday.  Thank you everyone for such a great day!!  

Holy crap you must have been exhausted!  I have trouble envisioning what's so difficult about these passes, having never been out there.  I'm guessing it's just soooo steep?  (which is obviously really difficult to capture on camera).  This picture helps, though - got my palms sweating just looking at it:

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