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So begins my own Tiger hunt.

ADVrider's Jamboa had a silver 2005 for sale in Louisiana, listed in the Flea Market back in March.  So we made arrangements for me to take a look at it one Friday.  He lives about an hour south of New Orleans, while I am a couple hours east of Atlanta, about a ten-hour drive in my truck.

Atlanta at about 8:00 am.  Traffic cooperated once I got through Gwinnett County ((shiver)).

Pretty nice day for a Tiger hunt.  I-85, south of Atlanta.

I usually plug my iPod into the truck stereo, but the stereo crapped out on me (don't ask).  So this is 'Plan B':

I hope she doesn't miss it.

The obligatory bridge shot.  Mobile River, Mobile Alabama.

That's down near Greenbow.

The I-10 bridges over Lake Ponchartrane, Louisiana, heading into New Orleans.

I'm not going to post Katrina damage photos.  Lord knows we've all seen our share of them.  But they've still got one hell of a mess there.

Ah-HA!!!  Bagged one!  Class M license and proper tag required, but no bag limit.  I took only one.

Had to get just a few oysters while I was down there.

I spent the night at the Motel 6 in Slidell, Louisiana, just across Lake Ponchartrane from New Orleans.  It was kind of hard to find a room on a Friday night.  Many of the area motels still have Katrina refugees living there on a somewhat permanent basis.  So I guess it's George Bush's fault.  :D

I awoke the next morning at 6:20 to a metallic rapping sound from outdoors.  After laying there for ten minutes, it finally quit, and was replaced by the sound of belts slipping.  The starter in some dude's car had hung up, and he was banging on it with a Vice-Grip while his girlfriend worked the key.

Dah well, it was time to get up anyways.

Kind of froggy this morning.

You see the damnedest things on the road.

I also saw the Oscar Mayer Hotdogmobile...

... but it was coming from the opposite direction and I didn't have time to turn my camera on before it was gone.  Dammit.

I hate it when they stare at you like that.

Home sweet home.

And the seal of approval.  I let her sit on it with the engine running.  She loved blipping the throttle to make it go ZING!

Thanks for your hospitality, Joe.  Please thank Marla for me also.  Your Tiger has gone to a good home.

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Wow man, I had to go to Alabama to get mine..wish I could have documented it...

That was really cool, thx!

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I have noticed that uset tiger come in waves. There is a lot out now--just check ebay.  There was a lot in February when I started looking, but in April when I had money (the insurance totaled out my Royal Enfield) There were only two within 700 miles of me--both in Albuquerque.

Actually there was only one--a 2002 Roulette green at the BMW dealer.  Not my favorite color, but I had almost talked myself into settling for it, the morning I drove up to test ride it (with the intention of making a offer the same day) a silver 2003 with half the miles for $1k less popped up on Craigslist.  As I drove up to ABQ, I desperately tried to get the guy on the phone to let me see the bike.  Silver was my perferred color, and, as it turned out--it was the bike.

I already owned a 2006 Speed Triple 1050, so I new I'd like the engine and engineering, but this had been the best bike I've owned and drastically changed my riding habits.  I used to ride a lot locally, and maybe 1 or 2 100+mile trips a year.  Now I put is 300+ most weekends.