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Howdy all,

  I have been a lurker on Advrider and found this there.  BigDAVE your site is great.  I have been looking for an adventure bike for a while and will get it when I finish building my house.  Nice house-warming present!  

I have considered the KTM 640 adventure:  to tall and not enough for the long hauls but great off-road.  

Also on the list the Cagiva Gran Canyon: DUCATI! ahh the sound but not a lot of aftermarket(no bash plate) and not as much suspension travel as the Tiger.

Can any of you compare the Tiger to these bikes?

More specifically how are they off-road?   fire roads, gravel, rocks,steeps, easy single track(slowly), etc.

I am looking for a do everything bike and love to explore- I just can't resist that fork in the road or off the road!

The tiger sounds like an awesome bike and I really like that orange and black paint scheme.

With an aftermarket exhaust do they sound as good as the Ducati?

Thanks in advance and Godspeed,


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KTM 640 kills the Tiger off-road period.

I don't know anything about the Cagiva.  :o

I take my Tiger to most of your off-road destinations, although I am not planning on much single track.  I grew up in the dirt and on trails, but the Tiger is no trail bike compared to the 640.  The weight and limited suspension travel will kill you on really rough single track.

I originally had some trouble on rough roads untill I loosened up the rear shock a few notches...problem solved.

I had a KLR650 before the Tiger and I really got burned out on the lack of power and street ability.  If you are planning on a bunch of street and specifically the long haul, you'll want a bigger bike.

The off-road pipe makes the 955 sound great.  Its a unique sound though.  I don't think you can compare it to a Ducati sound as its totally different.

As far as a bike that leaves your options open?  I think El Tigre is a solid choice.  Commuting, Fire-roads & jeep trails and screaming twisties the Tiger does them all suprisingly well.  Go get that Lucifer Orange Tiger!