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As some of you have read in my other posts, I bought a Triumph Tiger, then got it fully outfitted for LD riding/dualsporting.  So, with cabin feaver driving me up a wall, I decided to ride to a friends wedding from Boise, Idaho, to Seattle, WA.  This was to take place the last weekend in February.  Well, I did it, and here are the photos.  Due to some last minute weather forcasts, I opted to trailer the bike to Pendleton, OR so I would not risk getting snowed out of the Blues..  Those who live in the area know what I mean.

I left Pendleton Oregon last friday morning at about 8:30 after a so-so Denny's omlette.  Instead of taking the 84 to the 82.. I saw another road on the map heading north out of Pendleton, rte. 37.  Very nice.

Oregon 37, dropping down to the Columbia..

I jumped over the Columbia at Umatilla, and then hit the 14 westbound towards Vancouver.  I stopped at the Stonhenge memorial at Maryhill, WA.  Here are a few shots.

I apologize for the lack of photos between Maryhill and Seattle.  It was pouring on me.  Once the tiger was rolling, I did not want to stop for nothing.

So, I showed up at Dave (Mr. Cob) Hooker's home in Granite Falls, WA. Cold, wet, and probably pathetic looking.  He and his wife Donna had a room all set up for me.  Their hospitality was very appreciated putting me up for two nights.

Saturday, Dave and I just hung around and shot the bull most of the day.  Ran some errands, and of course, posed for a photo.

I joined Dave and Donna Saturday evening for a local ABATE (I think) meeting and potluck..... Yum.  Then off to the bachelor party of a friend.  Sorry no photos, and I will not bore this group with photos of a wedding for someone you probably do not know...  Except one photo you probably want to see.  Ever see what a happy beaver looks like?

Monday morning I packed up to head home.  I decided to brave Snoqualmie pass and it ended up beiing no problem.  But there was alot of snow on top.

Turned off I90 at Cle Elum for some "side roadin"

Hwy 10

Hwy 821

Hwy 241

Hwy 241 at the Columbia River

That was pretty much it.  I was back at the truck in Pendleton shortly after that last shot.  There were some things I learned from a weekend on a bike in the PNW during Febuary.

It rains.

Gerbing heated clothing is a must.

It rains.

Music was nice.

The Magellan Meridian Color was awesome.

It rains.

The hospitality of friends is a godsend.

Having the right gear is a necessity, because.....

Did I say it rains?