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ello mates - I am experimenting with a new Yahoo group that IMHO fills a small niche area that I think has been a little lacking on some of the other Yahoo Puget Sound area m/c rider groups and that is the area of support for what some people call the Big Trailies. These are the KTM 950's / BMW 1150GS / V-Strom's / Triumph Tigers / Transalps etc. I think there are a lot of them out there, but there's not a region specifc message group devoted to them as far as I can find.

Now, not to knock the other fine Yahoo and other message groups that exist, but a lot them are either too broad; or too narrow in their scope and function for my tastes. Consequently when a group ride is proposed for example in a broadly themed group, it may be to an ORV area that involves tight single tracks and requires a nice light dirt-bike with knobby tires - i.e. not suitable for a "big trailie". Other local groups are focused more on pavement only rides or focus on a specific brand/style of dual-sport bike for example.

Too be honest, this is kind of a selfish effort as I am sitting here with a brand new Triumph Tiger and although I'm enjoying the heck out of it on my own, I almost always prefer the company of others when riding. I'm also somewhat hesitant to take the new beast too far off the pavement solo; at least for a while yet.

Anyway, here is the description of the group from the home page. I totally understand if you have no time for "another" group - but if you do; this might be worth a look

thanks for your time


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This group is intended for anyone that is in to big bike, multi-surface/adventure/dual-sport riding in the Puget Sound area. It's primary focus will be about rides and in my mind it will have failed if there is not at least one ride a month if not every weekend during the peak riding season. So please prepare to get involved and put your rubber (wheels) to the road and beyond.

Specifically it's intended for riders of large (600cc and above) single/twins/triples - primarily as an avenue for spurring local and long distance rides of the type that would be accessible and enjoyable by anything from a big BMW 1200GS on down to a Suzuki DR 650

Single track trails and all day pavement rides are great; but that's not really what this group is about - it's about multi-surface riding, touring, camping, adventuring on the big beautiful trailie and large thumper bikes we all love in one of God's most fantastic creations; the forest and mountains around Puget Sound. ... gtrailies/