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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Dad and I are really trying to get in as much beautiful fall riding as possible.  We wanted to go scout a possible loop out of the Idaho City area.  For those of you who do not follow the ADVrider "rally" forum, I am trying to put together an ADVrider rally in Idaho City next summer.  So, I am cleaning up my maps, logging good DS routes, etc.

We left Eagle (outside Boise) at 9:30 am and just took the pavement up to Garden Valley.  It was a beautiful, yet chilly, ride.  Fall is definatly upon us.

Once we hit Garden Valley, we turned off on Mores Creek Summit road.  This road would eventually dump you right into Idaho City, but we had other plans.

At Mores Creek summit, we headed East on an obscure FS road towards Pilot Peak where we found these old relics.  The map showed a lot of mines in the area.  We did not see any from the main (sic) road, but there were spurs heading off in different directions that they were probably located on.

The road.

Once we got up on the ridge, the views were incredible.

High mountain meadow.

View from Pilot's peak.

We headed down the road and crossed HWY 21 and went up to Sunset Mountain lookout where we met Kitty.  She spends the summers up here with her husband and dog, Ruby.  Ruby is a beautiful large Rotweilier (sp?).  Kitty had a nice talk with my father about different dog breeds as I took in the scenery, which was breath taking.

Last shot coming back down to HWY 21.  We took the pavement back to Idaho City where we went to a wedding reception for one of the Idaho City gals dad and I have known for years.  She finally found a great guy.

Portia is making sure I get all the photos posted correctly.

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great pics; and I would definately be up for a DS ride in that area.. We did a ride out west of you this weekend too; on the eastern side of the Washington Cascades.. (which looks very similar to your terrain)

I'm still sorting through the 140 or so photo's I took but will post them here soon

Let me say the Tiger makes an outstanding big trailie bike;  no matter what others may say otherwise. I had a great time sliding around corners; crossing a couple of (small) creeks and just generally blasting through the woods all the while keeping pace (or passing in some cases) with the KTM 950, 1150 GS and a few KLR 650's that I was riding with.


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Count me in!  Love the looks of Idaho.  I'll be at the ADV Rally, barring a calimty.
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Your a lucky guy tigerjay for living there!! Great pics, brightened my night shift up anyhow! :)

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Dang, it's been too long since I rode the area around Boise.  I grew up riding a bit further East, near Twin Falls.  These pics have once again stirred up the desire to grab a new tiger and go for a long ride.  BTW, how is the dealer in Boise?  Good to work with?


Dave T.

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Big Twin is without a doubt, the best dealer I have ever dealt with.  Yes, I am good friends with some of them, and no they are not always the cheapest.  But I get really good service and no BS.

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Great photos, great trip, and I love your crazy cat.  O:)


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Fantastic photos and thats one cool cat  :lol:
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