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Sounds to be a winner!

Here's the link from 'Visor Down':
( ... 15497.html )

Sounds to have great amount of torque. To quote the report:
When I first heard about the 800, I wondered why Triumph didn't just stick with the 675 engine but the engine from the Street Triple just wouldn't work as well in this bike. The Tiger 800 does share some engine componenets from the 675, notably the cylinder head and throttle bodies but that's about it.

Not only is the extra capacity welcome, but the bulge of torque is monster. It's like a really, really fit Street Triple low-down. There's next to no jerkiness from the delivery at low revs, making things like roundabouts and hairpin bends really easy to master with no need for clutch slip, just smooth throttle openings. But it's not like a Street Triple at the top-end.

In top gear it'll pull from 30mph all the way around the dial. You really notice it getting into its stride at around 6,000rpm all the way to the redline at around 9,500rpm. I suppose the one thing I missed was the lack of fizz from the engine. There was no 'wallop' at the top end and in that respect it feels more like a Tiger 1050.

On a more sad note.... Here's the first reported crashed Tiger 800!
( ... 15492.html )
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Starting to look good!  I like the floating front discs.  Looking forward to read what they have on the XC.

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Ok soo it's a teaser from their mag (as in buy the mag to read the whole article), but thoought it worth posting for those of us wanting to know more about the beast
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