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I took the road version out for a day last week, I think it's brilliant.
I have had a steamer and now own a 955i. I would swap it tomorrow no problem. It's got the grin factor of a Street Triple with the great riding position and prescence of the Girly. I think Triumph have done a great job here. The only thing I am not sure of is which model I would get. The road version is just that, commuter, tourer, weekend blaster. I wouldn't mind on a crack on the XC though looks tall. I'm 5'10" and it was the perfect height on the 810mm setting. The lighter weight also makes it less cumbersome and u turns etc are a joy.
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I popped into my local dealers today to order some parts for my steamer, and had a look at and sit on their 'street' 800...  8)

I like it a lot better in the flesh, and it seems to fit me.. noticed though that it does look a bit 'basic' in standard spec, so guess anyone buying one would want to budget for 'farkles' (hugger, centerstand, crashbars etc etc!)

was sorta suprised to see them still using the nissin sliding caliper brakes..also slightly disapointed when the sales bloke said that the XC has tube rims - thourght they'd have gone for tubeless?

on the way out, somehow I seem to have put myself on their 'call' list for the launch night and they're also going to let me know when their XC comes in  :shock: