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I was just worried about the quality. There is some cheap nasty looking tat out there.
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TT - You forgot to mention how much of a PITA it is to get to the bulbs for the Tach, etc.!!!  I got my Tiger back from the shop yesterday and today after work started putting the lights in.  Of course, Murphy's Law kicked in and it ended up getting dark and I had to button back up with a head-mounted light and hope I didn't drop anything on the asphalt.

I also realized that somehow (fat fingers maybe) I ordered THREE tail lights and only ONE bulb for the Speedo/Fuel/Temp gauges.  So it's all buttoned up for tomorrows commute and I just ordered the new bulbs and got the other packed up for return.

How exactly did you get the tach bulb out??  Did you just keep taking things apart until you could get to it?  Is there a trick to make it easy?

BTW, I installed the speedo, turn signals, clock, and indicators for fuel, turn, and neutral (the ones I need to see the most).  I love it.  The speedo, it so bright.  It's awesome.  I can't wait to get the tach, fuel, and temp to match.
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@ TigerTrax -  :eusa_clap

Thank you for taking the time to post this information with part numbers. I hopped on today to peruse ideas about reducing the current draw on the bike and came across your post. Based on your experience and numbers I placed an order today with the vendor for all but the dash lights.

I'm still curious about the turn signals, looking forward to seeing how confused I get if I run into a similar issue like you did.

Again,  :eusa_clap

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The instrument lights are SO nice...can actually even read my stock clock!  Thanks for posting part numbers TT!  Deciphering the maze of 10000 different bulbs on the website made my head spin.

I didn't bother with indicator bulbs as these are only momentary on and really don't effect draw on battery.  Stuck with the ones that are on all the time.
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I went with LED's myself but used different colors and it took a bit of experimentation....tried all red first and that did not work well...ended up using red for the temp, fuel and clock, green for the speedo,  white for the tach  (also green LED's for the neutral and turn dash bulbs)

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Having trouble finding white for the gauges.  Anyone know the number.

194 wedge Can Bus is all I can find.  The site says do not use can bus in non can bus aplications

Edit, and why did they put a little bitty wedge bulb in the tach. . .
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I decided to take the plunge as well.  Took a little over an hour, you need to remove the headlight bracket and unbolt the tach to get access to the bulb which adds time.  Otherwise pretty quick and easy mod.  All cool white.

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I had purchased some LED bulbs from Ebay a while back, they worked good but didn't last.  Cheap Chinese Crap.   

I decided to buy the bulbs from SuperBrightLED's based on everyone here who has had good luck with them.  They were shipped very quickly and I got them installed yesterday.  Nice results, I went with white for all the gauges and green for the clock. 

Now, to see how long they last. 

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Mustang - You think maybe this thread should be a STICKY?

TT - thanks for posting part #'s and a US vendor!  Ordered Thursday AM from <!-- m --><!-- m -->  and the bulbs came on Saturday!! 

So some pics - absolutely friggin amazing!!

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Best thread for LED light conversion.

Please add to Stickies LED How to Section.