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Title: Went to Speedway
Post by: aesdj on August 30, 2013, 07:39:56 AM
Just got back into watching speedway this year since Bradford closed down in 1997. Been 3 times this year (Sheffield Tigers,Belle Vue Aces and Scunthorpe Scorpions) and the last one was Scunthorpe on Bank Holiday Monday. Cracking day as there were 2 races for the price of 1 (£16). The sun was beating down so I went and stood in a steel shed about a third way round turn 1 and about 15 feet from the track. There were loads of newbies stood against the barrier maybe 6 foot from the track thinking they'd get a better veiw even though you see brilliantly everywere. As the bikes thundered pasted in the first heat and even with a 3 foot fence around the track the shale bounced off the back of the shed like machine gun fire  :bug_eye and the newbies got covered in shale/mucky water. When they turned round they looked like dalmations, the look of shock on there faces was priceless  :icon_lol: . I  didnt escape the flying missiles, I got hit through out the day but thats what makes it such a good track. Its been voted the best track of the UK for the past 2 years and I know why now, awsome  :eusa_clap:. You feel part of it instead of being quite some distance from the action and the smell of methanol is lovely. I'd reccomend it to everyone.

Scunthorpe has a smaller track that you can pay £70 for 4 hours tution/fun on. You get all the kit and start off on 125cc bikes and if your good enough and you have big cahooners they may put you on 1 of the bigger bikes (0 - 60mph faster than an F1 car). I think the 125's will be well fast enough. I've already decided that I'm going to do it and if anyone wants to give it a go then I'm fine with arranging it. For me its going to be next year but if you pm me I'll keep you up to date. If you want more info then seach Scunthorpe Scorpions.
Title: Re: Went to Speedway
Post by: Sin_Tiger on August 31, 2013, 04:51:47 AM
Same here in my teenage years there were half a dozen tracks within a 15 mile radius.  Nearest to me was Cliftonhill, home of the Coatbridge Monarchs and Albion Rovers football team at other times.  Some of the tracks were used for athletics or dog tracks in those days and always well attended.  There was hope up in Scotland with the large Polish community that speedway might pick up again as it's practically the National Sport in Poland
Title: Re: Went to Speedway
Post by: aesdj on September 07, 2013, 09:28:47 AM
Yes it's absolutely huge over there.