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Cam Chain Tensioner CCT Change

Started by Bixxer Bob, April 12, 2013, 01:45:12 PM

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Bixxer Bob

The CCT is sprung loaded and is self adjusting so it's a fit and forget.  Triumph only sell the upgraded  one so it's 90 quid.  It comes with a plastic insert and a steel spacer that I couldn't figure out but Metalguru suggested it was like the Rocket 3 where you use the plastic spacer to measure the depth to the chain guide and if  too big a gap you put the steel spacer under the spring.  I didn't need to do that as the two parts were identical. 

If you have a bit of cam chain rattle its worth the cost of changing it as there have been a couple of blow-ups on here after the chain jumped a tooth.  Mine had a couple of worn teeth (I'll get a photo) which means the tensioner clicks forward when the engine is stopped but sooner or later when its running it slips back again. If it slips too far you'll get a jump then it's bye bye valvetrain.

To change it, remove the tank and airbox. Remove the coil sticks and the plugs (no compression makes it easier to line up the timing marks later) and loosen the airbox stop bracket. No need to remove it just slacken the screws so you can tilt it a bit.  Remove the cam cover bolts and ease the cover off the engine.  The loosened bracket will just pass through the gap.  Remove the cam chain guide between the two cam sprockets (to facilitate your view of the sprocket arrow marks.  BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO DROP SCREWS INTO THE ENGINE!!  Remove the 2 inch access cover in the centre of the crankcase.  Line up TI on the crank with the mark on the inside of the casing. The two arrows on the cam sprockets should be pointing at each other and in line with the edge of the cylinder head.

Now remove the big hex head on the CCT, be careful as its under spring tension.  Beware, as the spring pressure comes off the cam chain might jump the sprockets (mine did).  Then remove the two small mounting bolts.  Fit the new item with a new gasket (its in the kit).  Tighten the small mounting bolts.  DO NOT TIGHTEN THE LARGE HEX HEAD AT THIS POINT.  If the cam chain jumped now is the time to put it right.  There is a hexagon on both camshafts just behind the sprockets where you can use a spanner to turn the shaft till the arrows line up again.  When all is aligned, tighten the large hex that releases the tensioner bolt.  You should hear it snap forward.  Tighten it all the way to prevent oil leaks.

Reassemble in reverse order, but while you're in there, why not do a valve clearance check?  And balance the TBs as you put it back together.  And do the Sasquatch mod if you haven't already while the tank is off. :hat10
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