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Inside your fuel filler cap

Started by Tripodtiger, December 16, 2013, 08:06:13 AM

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I had some troubles with fuel flow on my '96. 

Originally I thought it was just the over flow.  The connector at the bottom right of the tank, that attaches to the drain tube, had corroded away a long time ago.  I ended up using a piece of wire to clean through the breather, removing an absolute heap of crud.

But that didn't fix the fuel flow problem fully.

I took a deep breath & got into the fuel cap.

You can see the two ends of the breather arrangement

It really is a case of having a lookand following your nose to progressively pull it down.
You need to take care of the small springs. A magnetic parts tray helped me.

No restriction there.

What you're looking at here is the underside of the paired one way valves, they be the red bits on the other side of the casting.  Go back a couple of snaps to the one that shows the 4 springs in situ and you can work out exactly where you are looking.  The over-exposed circular thing is the underside of the key barrel.

The one way valves.  Note the cast channel around the top of the part.  That is the air breather channel.

The valves are not symmetrical.  I had to review my photos to workout which way it came out.
I applied a smear of rubber grease and worked it around.  I couldn't find any obstruction to the drilled breather holes or cast passage, so figured that the diaphrams may be a little dry.

Not to omit the little gasket from the discussion.

Hardest bit of the lot.  This is the spring loaded set up of the keyway cover.  The tiny little spring & ball can be expected to be immediately attracted to the black hole somewhere on the floor of your shed.

The witness mark shows which goes where.

This is something like it should look before you undo the phillips retaining screw & send the spring and ball into the ether.
I was lucky, this is what it looked like once I got it back together.

More witness marks to help re-assembly.

Easy job, just fiddly with fat fingers.

I fixed my fuel supply issues too.

And, by using 'a red hot poker', through the vapour tube inside the tank filler, I can now fill the tank much more easily.  Bonus is that it's now getting a longer range!

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Bixxer Bob

 :icon_confused. Great write-up man, and well documented with photos. This''ll make a good reference piece!
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nice idea about meltin holes into the tank. that bubble gets annoyin when your tryin to fill up. it shall be done when im back with me bike
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